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Cold, cold if your siding is too old

Energy efficiency if very important when we start to approach winter here in Portland, Oregon. Beautiful breaks of sunshine we get are only pleasing to the eye but  it sure is cold! This  kind of weather makes your home a sweet hideout after  work  or  if you are  out and about in the city of […]

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Home sweet home!

Portland is known as a city of unique character. That character is represented by diversity of people  with unique backgrounds , cultures  and of course unique taste.  That vibe of individuals taste we can usually feel when we drive by or see an individuals home.  We make our home the way we want it to […]

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Is it too obvious?

Exterior of your home speaks a lot about your home. Your home may not be old but it may look a little tired or worn out. Our Oregon weather may be the one to blame but lets face it everything we own needs regular maintenance. Whether its your car, lawn mower or your home. So […]

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Plants and Projects

Spring is in the air in Portland! Warm sunny days make you want to go outside and make changes to your home to make it look more attractive and appealing. After all spring has always been known as the time of plants and projects. So whats on your improvement list? Are you thinking about potting a […]

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