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Cold, cold if your siding is too old

Energy efficiency if very important when we start to approach winter here in Portland, Oregon.

Beautiful breaks of sunshine we get are only pleasing to the eye but the air is fresh, cold and crisp.

Now, this  kind of weather only makes your home a sweet hideout after you are  out and about in the city of Portland.

Warm cup of tee or coffee and a cozy blanket is a sweet solution but it may not help if your house is loosing heat too fast . You may need to work on a few solutions on how to fix that.

The biggest and most important is your siding. Think of it as a warm coat your put over your home. Is it old , worn or designed poorly?  If its old siding it may need attention but if its new but improperly weatherized or installed you may be loosing your heat just as fast as with the old siding on your home.

Next, is windows. With your windows you may face same kind of issues. Your windows will lose heat faster than you can count if they are improperly installed , old,  broken or need proper weatherization.

Weatherizing doors is  also very important. Your door may look good but does it serve your good?

Have you noticed any dry rot in any particular area of your home? It will need to be taken care of because dry rot only spreads deeper into your homes exterior and creates bigger issues down the road.

If it turned out that you are questioning your exteriors efficiency don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help!

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