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Dry Rot & Mold

The exterior of your house serves as a protective cocoon for the interior of your home. That’s why you should only seek exterior professionals who will do proper installation on your house.

Improperly installed exterior can lead to many problems which can arise in your home over the years. Since, in Oregon we experience a lot of rainy weather, it’s important to make sure your home is well protected from moisture. When moisture accumulates behind the siding various problems can arise which include mold, mildew and rotting. Moisture can significantly damage your home and cause serious issues to your health. So remember when you plan your project it’s very important to look for the exterior remodeling professional who is trained, licensed and has a significant experience in exterior remodeling.



​Let M-Brothers professionals help you get the job done right!!

Having M-Brothers Properly install exterior and use quality product on your home can:​

  • ​Help you avoid spending money for future repairs. ​
  • Help you maintain healthy environment for you and your family.
  • Make your home more attractive for the potential buyers, if you decide to sell.
  • M- Brothers Construction has done exterior work for over 15 years in the Greater Portland area. We pride ourselves with a great number of satisfied customers over these years. Please check our our recent testimonials. You can count on us for professionalism, quality and knowledge.​

Discovering Dry Rot In Your Home

Dry Rot may not be easy to spot in the early stages because it usually develops inside buildings which are poorly ventilated or damp. This can be a result of the poor installation job or poor quality of the exterior product. Dry rot is caused by a fungus which spreads rapidly affecting your entire home.

M-brothers will only use high quality products and materials on your home and provide you with a reliable installation you deserve.
We treat your home with only the best products available: James Hardie Siding Products, Milgard Windows, Azek Trimboards, Lakeside Lumber’s cedar siding & trim, DuPont Tyvek Drainwrap and matching components, and Sherwin Williams paints. To top it off we provide a 10 year warranty to our workmanship because we are confident in the quality of the work that we do.


b1b32c_4943619f129b4f9caac55986d658aed3.jpg_srz_p_214_174_75_22_0.50_1.20_0If you have discovered dry rot on your home, don’t worry, we can help. Our crew has repaired many homes just like yours. M- Brothers will professionally remove and replace all the affected material with only the best product out there. Our goal is to make your home a better and safer place to live.

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